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Género: Opera | Usuario: bohus
Período: Clasicismo | Fecha: 12/11/11 | Favoritos: 6

Platum Integrum Orchestra, The Horn Orchestra of Russia - Pavel Serbin

Yevstigneу Fomin (1761–1800) Melodramma Orfeo ed Euridice Text by Yakov Knyazhnin (1740–1791) 1. Ouverture – the tragic themes are concisely presented in the tradition of the Classical prologue – the hero’s lamentation, the rage of the Furies, the character of the heroine, bitter loss (exposition: D minor, F major; development section: B flat minor; reprise: D minor, D major). 2. Orpheus recalls the death of Eurydice and expresses his firm resolve to descend into Hades (G minor, C minor). 3. Coro primo – the voices of the divine messengers tell him ‘Let hope strengthen your resolve!’ (D minor). 4. Orpheus plays his lyre (string pizzicato: A major / A minor); sings (solo clarinet: E flat major); his mournful entreaty (B flat minor). 5. Coro secondo – the voices of the divine messengers: ‘Pluto breaks the chains of death and returns your wife.’ (A flat major). 6. Orpheus and Eurydice are reunited but the condition is broken – one glance back at his beloved and they are separated for evermore (A major, D major). 7. Coro terzo – the voices of the divine messengers singing ‘Your time has not yet come. Your torment will accompany you throughout your bitter life.’ (F minor). 8. Orpheus’ monologue – his only desire is to end his life, but he is condemned by the gods to live in eternal torment (F minor, D major). 9. Danza delle furie – Dance of the Furies (D minor).


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