Moreover in the absence and presence of lincomycin are larger

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Moreover in the absence and presence of lincomycin are larger

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Suggesting that enhanced PSIIRC repair in the AC plays a key role in maintaining high photosynthetic activity at elevated temperatures under elevated CO2 concentration. Under the same conditions, the PSII activity was assessed by measuring the light-saturated steady-state SB431542 ALK inhibitor rate of oxygen evolution in the presence of artificial electron acceptors. The oxygen evolving activity for both strains decreased during the treatment but the decrease was significantly more pronounced in DKS. Thus, after 6 h of exposure, the DKS and AC maintained,20 and 34% of their initial activity, respectively. However, upon adding lincomycin and thereby preventing PSIIRC repair, DKS showed no oxygen evolution already after 4 h of incubation SCH727965 CDK inhibitor under high light while the AC mutant maintained 35% of its initial oxygen evolution activity at that time. After 6 h of illumination in the presence of lincomycin, the oxygen evolving activity of the AC mutant also dropped to a non-detectable value.

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