Grieg - The Complete Music for Piano (Eva Knardahl) + SCANS

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Grieg - The Complete Music for Piano (Eva Knardahl) + SCANS

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Edvard Grieg

The Complete Music for Piano

Recorded from 1977-1993

Eva Knardahl's recordings of Grieg's music for solo piano – here completed with recordings by Love Derwinger of the works unpublished during Grieg's lifetime – have been a milestone ever since they were first released on LP at the end of the 1970s. The Norwegian pianist's interpretations of the music of her countryman blew away decades worth of cobwebs and caused many to reconsider an oeuvre of which one part was so well-known as to risk becoming banal and another was all but unknown. At the time of the first release one reviewer likened Knardahl to ‘an Alicia de Larrocha of the North, who makes her instrument ring out like a cathedral’. When the recordings were re-released on CD, another wrote that her performances ‘suggest that there's a lot more to Grieg's several hundred little pieces than pretty lyricism ... She brings a forthrightness and color to the Norwegian master – even a countrified robustness – that few have suspected is there. Knardahl's performance of the famous Piano Concerto is a rendering full of grandeur, poetry and power. She can really stand comparison with any of her rivals.’ And these recordings still hold their place in the catalogue. As late as in March 2006, the BBC 3 programme CD Review made her recording of the Holberg Suite their top choice in the series Building a Library, and a recent near-ecstatic review on US website ‘All Music Guide’ claims that ‘everyone ought to hear pianist Eva Knardahl kick the stuffing out of ''In the Hall of the Mountain King'' from Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite No.1’. Now is the chance to do just that, while starting to build that library at the same time. And then to begin exploring the rest of 13 hours worth of music – digitally re-mastered for this occasion – guided by a 40-page essay (in English, Norwegian, French and German) by internationally recognized Grieg expert Dag Schjelderup-Ebbe.

This collection is dedicated to the memory of Eva Knardahl (1927-2006).

Eva Knardahl - The Child Prodigy Who Grew Up

Published: 26/09/2002 by Ragnhild Plesner

Eva Knardahl, sixty-seven years old and pianist for fifty-five of them, is one of the greatest personalities on the Norwegian musical scene. No-one who was present will ever forget her debut: the beautiful twelve-year-old introduced herself to the music-loving public by playing three piano concertos with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra in one evening: Johan Sebastian Bach's F minor, Joseph Haydn's D major and Carl Maria von Weber's Concert piece.

She was almost disappointed when it was over. Eva Knardahl would have liked to go on playing. She loved to play the piano. Nobody forced her to practice, she had to be almost forced outside to play.

Her enormous talent aroused admiration and enthusiasm, but she left the country as a 19-year-old and stayed away for twenty years. For fifteen of them she was resident pianist with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra.

During the first period, she played under Anton Dorati. She relates that he had a terrible temper - but adds that she had not yet learned to control her own. Things could get pretty heated at times. When Stanislaw Skrowacewski took over as conductor the atmosphere changed. But she is glad to have experienced those years.
“I played chamber music with the legendary viola player William Primrose, and that fantastic clarinette player Reginald Kell. Henry Mancini came to Minneapolis several years in succession. He used to dump a pile of arrangements on my lap. His music was valuable and he couldn't take a chance on distributing the score beforehand in case it was copied. Mancini used to bring key instrumental players with him, but he never brought a pianist. That was a demonstration of trust.”

In 1967 Eva Knardahl returned from abroad like a breath of fresh air and Norwegian music-lovers received her with open arms. Her first national tour was arranged immediately, to be followed by numerous others. She was once again a welcome soloist with Norway's Symphony orchestras, and equally popular among concert-goers.

Her influence reaches far beyond the audiences found in concert halls, however. With her warm, humorous, extrovert personality, she is a popular guest with TV audiences, whether she is performing in serious cultural programmes or more relaxed entertainment shows, where she has crossed the cultural divide by playing with some of Norway's best-known pop and rock groups. The last time she was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy award, it wasn't a question of whether she would win the prize - only which recording she world win it for. All the recordings nominated in the classical music category were played by the same person: Eva Knardahl!

Her career is not confined to Norway, and she has played on most continents. She has recorded all Grieg's works for the well-known BIS company and been acclaimed with praise and recognition by prestigious music magazines all over the world. Her Brahms recording with the Norwegian quality company SIMAX was received with the same, warm response.

Eva Knardahl's piano-playing technique covers a broad spectrum. Her playing is brilliant, but as one major critic expressed it, “it is particularly the vitality radiating from her playing that is fascinating, an optimistic life force, an irresistible will to shape and express, and a constant involvement”.

As the first Professor of Chamber Music at the Norwegian State Academy of Music, Eva Knardahl, who frequently performs at concerts, has her hands full. She is much in demand as a teacher, although life as a student under Eva Knardahl is far from easy. She sees through, gives advice, admonishes and berates in unmistakable direct speech. But she also envelops her students in care and consideration and never tires of reminding them that there are no short-cuts to success. “A successful performance demands yet another.”

Translation: Virginia Siger ©
Printed in the music magazine Listen to Norway, Vol.2 - 1994 No. 1
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GRIEG: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 1


Lyriske Stykker (Lyric Pieces) I, Op. 12

1. I. Arietta 00:59
2. II. Vals (Waltz) 01:47
3. III. Vektersang (Watchman's song) 02:32
4. IV. Alfedans (Fairydance) 00:48
5. V. Folkevise (Folksong) 01:48
6. VI. Norsk (Norweigan) 00:59
7. VII. Albumblad (Album Leaf) 01:32
8. VIII. Fedrelandssang (National Song) 01:36

Lyriske Stykker (Lyric Pieces) II, Op. 38

9. I. Berceuse 02:27
10. II. Folkevise (Folksong) 01:40
11. III. Melodi (Melody) 02:01
12. IV. Halling 00:48
13. V. Springdans 01:20
14. VI. Elegi (Elegy) 02:47
15. VII. Vals (Waltz) 01:01
16. VIII. Kanon (Canon) 04:21

Lyriske Stykker (Lyric Pieces) III, Op. 43
17. I. Sommerfugl (Butterfly) 01:47
18. II. Ensom vandrer (Solitary Traveller) 02:38
19. III. I hjemmet (In my native Country) 02:02
20. IV. Smafugl (Little bird) 02:04
21. V. Erotikk (Erotikon) 02:50
22. VI. Til varen (To Spring) 02:44

Lyriske Stykker (Lyric Pieces) IV, Op. 47
23. I. Valse - Impromptu 03:28
24. II. Albumblad (Album Leaf) 03:52
25. III. Melodi (Melody) 02:55
26. IV. Halling 01:27
27. V. Melankoli (Melancholy) 03:43
28. VI. Springdans 01:20
29. VII. Elegi (Elegy) 03:33

Total Playing Time: 01:02:49

Eva Knardahl, piano


IMPORTANT NOTE: The set consists of 12 CD's and is accompanied with a 180 page booklet with notes in Enlish, Norwegian, German & French. The scans will be released in a separate file soon.

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Mensaje sin leerpor Loge1854 » 28-02-2007 16:45

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
A thousand of thanks, dear Mavros! A wonderful collection, I have heard by the radio, there's no Grieg like this. And a really complete Grieg!
Thank you for your efforts!
:D :D :D :D :D
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Mensaje sin leerpor Zang-Hano » 28-02-2007 20:06

Muchas gracias, amigo mavros, por este estupendo lanzamiento.

Estaremos al tanto de los restantes.

Saludos. :wink:

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Mensaje sin leerpor Tante Inge » 28-02-2007 21:20

Thousand thanks, dear mavros, for this excellent release! :D :D :D

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Mensaje sin leerpor Gambu » 02-03-2007 11:54

Wonderful, dear frends! :D :D :D

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Mensaje sin leerpor Peluzo » 03-03-2007 21:28

Thank you for this extraordinary release dear mavros, it´s very magnificent !

Saludos cordiales


"... cor mio,
se tu parti da me,
viver senza di te ah non poss´io"

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:thumbsup: :cascos:

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Mensaje sin leerpor edudesan » 04-03-2007 6:31

Ai don spic inglish

Asi que aunque sea en español le digo a Mavros que gracias por este gran lanzamiento, en este momento me dispongo a empezar a descargarlo.
nu ninda-an ezzateni watar-ma ekuteni

"Los músicos son terriblemente irrazonables. Siempre quieren que uno sea totalmente mudo en el preciso momento que uno desea ser completamente sordo." Oscar Wilde

Love love love

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GRIEG: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 2


Lyriske Stykker (Lyric Pieces) V, Op. 54
1. I. Gjettergutt (Shepherd's Boy) 04:46
2. II. Gangar (Norwegian March) 03:37
3. III. Trolltog (March of the Dwarfs) 03:02
4. IV. Notturno 04:28
5. V. Scherzo 03:46
6. VI. Klokkeklang (Bellringing) 05:25

Lyriske Stykker (Lyric Pieces) VI, Op. 57

7. I. Svunne dager (Vanished days) 05:57
8. II. Gade 03:22
9. III. Illusjon (Illusion) 03:31
10. IV. Hemmelightet (Secret) 05:21
11. V. Hun danser (She dances) 02:49
12. VI. Hjemve (Homesickness) 04:40

Lyriske Stykker (Lyric Pieces) VII, Op. 62
13. I. Sylfide (Sylphe) 01:28
14. II. Takk (Gratitude) 04:20
15. III. Fransk serenade (French Serenade) 01:54
16. IV. Bekken (Brooklet) 01:36
17. V. Drommesyn (Phantom) 02:21
18. VI. Hjemad (Homeward) 02:52

Total Playing Time: 01:05:15

Eva Knardahl, piano

IMPORTANT NOTE: The set consists of 12 CD's and is accompanied with a 180 page booklet with notes in Enlish, Norwegian, German & French. The scans will be released in a separate file soon.


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Mensaje sin leerpor Tom Cruz » 05-03-2007 13:48

Great release, Mav! Keep 'em coming, keep 'em coming!
The best things in life are STILL FREE!

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GRIEG: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 3


Lyriske Stykker (Lyric Pieces) VIII, Op. 65

1. I. Fra ungdomsdagene (From early years) 05:15
2. II. Bondens sang (Peasant's Song) 01:36
3. III. Tungsinn (Melancholy) 03:33
4. IV. Salong (Salon) 02:13
5. V. I balladetone (Ballad) 03:09
6. VI. Bryllupsdag pa Troldhaugen (Wedding - day at Troldhaugen) 07:01

Lyriske Stykker (Lyric Pieces) IX, Op. 68
7. I. Matrosernes oppsang (Sailor's Song) 01:27
8. II. Bestemors menuett (Grandmother's Minuet) 02:04
9. III. For dine fotter (At your Feet) 02:40
10. IV. Aften pa hoyfjellet (Evening at the Mountains) 03:15
11. V. Badnlat (At the Cradle) 02:27
12. VI. Valse melancolique 03:41

Lyriske Stykker (Lyric Pieces) X, Op. 71
13. I. Det var engang (Once upon a time) 04:58
14. II. Sommeraften (Summer Eve) 02:28
15. III. Smatroll (Puck) 01:50
16. IV. Skogstillhet (Peace of Woods) 05:17
17. V. Halling 03:01
18. VI. Forbi (Gone) 02:31
19. VII. Efterklang (Remembrances) 01:55

Total Playing Time: 01:00:21

Eva Knardahl, piano

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Mensaje sin leerpor bruckner13 » 06-03-2007 11:58

Mavros, thank you for this collection.


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Mensaje sin leerpor mavros » 07-03-2007 12:02

My pleasure is mine dear bruckner13 :D Happy you like it

GRIEG: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 4


4 klaverstykker (4 Piano Pieces), Op. 1
1. I. Allegro con leggerezza 01:31
2. II. Non allegro e molto espressivo 04:49
3. III. Mazurka 03:33
4. IV. Allegro con moto 03:37

Poetiske tonebilleder (Poetic Tone-Pictures), Op. 3
5. I. Allegro, ma non troppo 01:42
6. II. Allegro cantabile 01:42
7. III. Con moto 02:03
8. IV. Andante con sentimento 02:53
9. V. Allegro moderato 01:24
10. VI. Allegro scherzando 00:48

Humoresques, Op. 6
11. I. Tempo di valse 02:52
12. II. Tempo di menuetto ed energico 02:36
13. III. Allegretto con grazia 02:20
14. IV. Allegro alla burla 03:30

Piano Sonata, Op. 7
15. I. Allegro moderato 04:47
16. II. Andante molto 04:46
17. III. Alla menuetto ma poco più lento 03:04
18. IV. Finale - Molto allegro 07:09

19. Sorgemarsj over Rikard Nordraaak (Funeral March for Rikard Nordraak), EG 117 07:20

Total Playing Time: 01:02:26

Eva Knardahl, piano


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Mensaje sin leerpor robespierre11 » 07-03-2007 16:03

A millon thanks, dear Mavros! A wonderful collection, I have heard some by the radio, and there's no Grieg like this. A complete Grieg, and a unique one too!
Thank you for your efforts!
A comment and request for your publication of the booklet:
For an "ouvre" of this importance, it is essential to have it properly, that is, exactly as your original. This meens that we'll be able to print the pages as they were published. f.i: in a booklet were the CENTRAL pages are numbered 30 - 31, the REVERSE will be 29 -32. AND ... the previous one will be: 28 - 33, and its reverse 27 - 34, and so on... I'm sorry, maybe is too much to ask from you, but I beleve you"ll like us to have it as perfect as your music publication.
And if it is not possible, every body will still be deeply indebted to you.
Again, thank you.. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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