Heinrich Albert - Musikalische Kürbishütte

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Heinrich Albert - Musikalische Kürbishütte

Mensaje sin leerpor Tante Inge » 29-07-2007 10:06


Heinrich Albert (1604-1651)

Musikalische Kürbishütte
und Lieder von Liebe und Tod
(Musical "Kürbishütte" and songs from love and death)

Cantus Cölln - Konrad Junghänel

01. Musikalische Kürbishütte
02. Was klagt man der Gerechten Seelen
03. Gott des Himmels und der Erden
04. Wer wegen seiner Sünden
05. Der Tag beginnet zu vergehen
06. Bleib du nur fest
07. Wie ist der Mensch doch so betört
08. Das Leid ist hier
09. Wer das Alter schätzt erhaben
10. Der Main, des Jahres Herz, beginnt
11. O der rauhen Grausamkeit
12. Phöbus jagt mit seinen Pferden
13. Es bild ein Mensch ihm niemals ein
14. Phyllis, o mein Licht
15. O du aller Wohlfahrt Quell
16. Galathe, wo bist du doch gewesen
17. Phyllis, die auf Blumen sass

Recorded 1988

ADD, 67:50, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi HM/IOM 906-2, 1990.
(Anthologie of East-Germany Music)

"Heinrich Albert

(Lobenstein, 1604-Königsberg, 1651) Compositor, organista y poeta alemán. Primo y discípulo del compositor H. Schütz. Fue uno de los creadores del lied alemán. Dejó ocho colecciones de canciones a una y varias voces. Su música, de estilo barroco, impuso en Alemania la monodia italiana."

"Heinrich Albert

(July 8, 1604–October 6, 1651) was a German composer and poet. He began studying music with in 1622 with his cousin, the great composer and musician Heinrich Schütz, in Dresden. He then went to study law in Leipzig; however, he continued to compose arias. In 1627 he set out for Warsaw with some Dutch diplomats, but they were taken prisoner by the Swedes, and he was held for a year. When he returned in 1628, he was involved in "the science of fortification". By 1630 he had returned to being a musician in Königsberg, and in 1643 he renewed contact with Schütz.[1]
His most important works are probably the 170 songs published in his Arien in eight volumes. They include detailed dedications which give important information on daily life in Königsberg. He set both his own poetry and that of Simon Dach. His songs were very popular, and at least 25 of them became chorale tunes. The prefaces to his works are also valuable sources for information on the playing of basso continuo and performance practice of the songs included. One comment he made was that one should not play continuo "like hacking a cabbage"

EAC, APE & Cue, normal compression, Rar (store) 273 MB, Complete cover and booklet scan.

My next release will be:


Music for a viol

Wieland Kuijken, viola da gamba
Sigiswald Kuijken, viola da gamba and violin
Robert Kohnen, harpsichord

Christopher Simpson (ca. 1615 - 1669):
1 Divisions on a Ground in G major for two bass-viols
2 Divisions on a Ground in F major for two bass-viols

John Jenkins (1592 - 1678):
3 Fantasia a violino e viola in g minor

Matthew Locke (ca. 1630 - 1677):
"Duos for two basse-Viols, composed in 1652" in C major
4 Fantazia
5 Fantazia
6 Saraband

"Duos for two basse-Viols, composed in 1652" in c minor
7 Fantazia
8 Fantazia
9 Courant

Christopher Simpson
"The Division Viol"
10 Divisions on Ground in e minor

John Jenkins
11 Fantasia a violini e viola in d minor

Thomas Ford (1580 - 1648):
Musicke of Sundrie Kindes" (1607)
12 Pavan (M.Maines Choice) and Galiard
13 The Baggepipes (Sir Ch. Howards delight)
14 Why not here (M. Crosse his choice)

Recorded 1980

DDD, 49:00, Accent ACC 68014, 1994.

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Re: Heinrich Albert - Musikalische Kürbishütte

Mensaje sin leerpor Subyu » 29-07-2007 11:57

Tante Inge escribió:
My next release .........................



:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :wave: :wink:


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Mensaje sin leerpor Arvo » 29-07-2007 14:18

It seems very interesting !; thanks a lot, dear Tante :D

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Mensaje sin leerpor gdsclassical » 29-07-2007 22:21

Yum, Yum, Yummy, Nice music, Thanks Again Tante Inge. :beerchug:

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Mensaje sin leerpor Tante Inge » 30-07-2007 10:45

Thanks, dear friends. Was done with pleasure. :D :D :D

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Re: Heinrich Albert - Musikalische Kürbishütte

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