In both DKS and AC the double bond index value decreased

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In both DKS and AC the double bond index value decreased

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Such a change may affect the energy required for the subunits to undergo the conformational changes required to enable the gating of the QA 2RQB electron transfer which was observed for the AC strain PD 0332991 CDK inhibitor following. Hence, we followed the timeline for the increased saturation of the thylakoid membranes in DKS and AC and compared it with the observed changes in the thermodynamic parameters for the electron transfer. In both DKS and AC the double bond index value decreased with increasing temperature and reached constant value after 24 h of incubation. This included a similar increase of the MGDG/ DGDG ratio. Importantly, the fatty acid composition in DKS that grew at 30uC was found to be similar to the one previously PD325901 MEK inhibitor reported. PCC 6803, with a relatively high percentage of polyenic acids that provided a fairly high DBI value. The DBI value in the AC mutant that was grown was higher, mainly because of an increase of linoleic and a decrease of palmitic fatty acid contents, reflecting a more fluid membrane environment at standard growing conditions. The lower DBI is mainly the result of elevated levels of saturated palmitic and a decrease of both unsaturated palmitoleic and polyunsaturated gamma-linolenic fatty acid contents.

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