In adapting the photosynthetic machinery to temperature changes

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In adapting the photosynthetic machinery to temperature changes

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Furthermore, the sequence, structure, and thermodynamic similarities between the PSIIRC in the AC and T. elongatus suggest that the AC double mutation could account ICI 182780 Estrogen Receptor inhibitor for the thermophilicity of existing strains and could provide a first step for adapting mesophilic photosynthetic organisms. Materials and Methods Growth conditions and treatments Stock cultures of the control strain DKS and the double mutant D1-S209A/D1-S212C were grown photoautotrophically in BG-11 medium under continuous illumination with aeration in air. Cultures of similar cell density were incubated under 40 mmol photons NSC 136476 Hedgehog inhibitor m22 s21 white light. Growth was monitored by measuring the optical density of the culture at 730 nm and the dry weight biomass. Changes in chlorophyll concentration were measured spectroscopically by sampling aliquots from the liquid cultures every 24 hours as previously described. In some experiments, the protein synthesis inhibitor lincomycin was added to the cell suspension at the start of the treatment. Thermosynechococcus elongatus BP-1 cells were grown at under a light intensity of 40 mmol photons m22 s21 white light in liquid BG-11 medium. Thylakoid membranes were prepared as previously described.

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