DFT calculation and protein dynamics PSII structural coordinates

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DFT calculation and protein dynamics PSII structural coordinates

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Lipid classes were separated by thin-layer chromatography on silica gel with chloroform/methanol/acetic acid/water as the developing solvent. TLC plates were sprayed with 0.05% solution of Cycloheximide Small Molecules inhibitor primuline. Lipid spots were visualized with a hand-held UV lamp VL-6.M in order to assess the quality of separation or to mark lipids for scraping and extraction. The plates were then scanned and the spots were quantified by integrating variable pixel intensities on ImageJ software BI-D1870 S6 Kinase inhibitor and comparing them to standard curves. Lipid spots on the TLC plates were scrapped-off and later subjected to transmethylation. The esterified fatty acids were analyzed with a gas-liquid chromatograph equipped with a hydrogen flame-ionization detector. The double bond index was calculated by dividing the sum of the percentages of the unsaturated fatty acids, each multiplied by the number of its double bonds, by 100. Flash Fluorescence Measurements The rate constant for the first QA to QB electron transfer was assessed as recently described.

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